Refinishing services

Throughout our life we acquire pieces of furniture that are passed down, purchased to one day fix up or now don’t fit with our current tastes or decor. They take up space, and every once and awhile we look at it, wonder whether we should get rid of it, but choose not to. Empire of Dirt can take that furniture, that maybe melancholy, antique, vintage, boring press board, damaged, or stained in an undesirable color, and make it beautiful so you can re-love it again. We specialize in various finishing techniques including antiquing, distressing, staining and color wash.

Contact us today to get a quote to revive your dresser, headboard, coffee table, end tables, chairs, dining room table, bookcases, and more! Not sure if your piece can be refurbished … let’s chat and see what we can do for you.

For more information call us at 604-848-6222, come visit us at the store, or email us by clicking here.

Desk before and after

Dresser before and after

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